Active projects

  • Schema

    A database diagramming tool.

  • Paperstack

    A simple static site generator. This website is build with Paperstack.

  • Stencil

    The templating language powering Paperstack. It's based on components instead of includes, blocks or partials.


...or projects I'm longer a part of
  • Reform

    A simple, clean form builder SaaS app. I co-founded and was responsible for designing and developing the application.

  • Branch

    A CI/CD and deployment tool for WordPress websites. I joined as 1st employee.

  • Conference HQ

    A directory of tech-related conferences.

  • Provisioning

    An app that could automatically generate a Laravel project and set up a CI/CD pipeline and servers. It was my thesis project from Copenhagen School of Design and Technology.

  • Serve

    A GUI app that made it easy to manage your local development environment for Laravel apps.


    A content site explaining web security principles for people who don't have a PhD in Computer Science.

  • Titanium

    A collection of Laravel SaaS application starter kits.

  • PerceiveCSS

    Simple illustrations explaining different CSS concepts.

  • Iridium UI

    A collection of unstyled, accessible UI components. Very similar to current projects like Radix and HeadlessUI.

  • Weblimericks

    A collection of small limericks about the web development world.

  • Flight statistics

    A data visualisation experient of different flight related statistics.

  • ML Jobs

    A job board of AI and ML related jobs.

  • Vue Storefront

    A JavaScript library to create static, self-hosted e-commerce sites with Shopify as a backend.

  • BERT

    An app to conduct and collect data from BERT tests.