Vue is an excellent template engine


The web community seems to be deeply divided on whether using frontend frameworks like Vue or React is a good idea. Many people feel it's overkill while others think it's a necessity to create sophisticated apps in 2020. I think it's possible to take a step back and have a different look at these libraries.

React is described as a view library. And it, along other similar frontend frameworks, excels at that. Using Vue, React or any similar library isn't the same as deciding to create a full single page application.

My personal favourite tool is Vue. And it's not only good at handling interactive elements on a website. It's a great tool for templating.

With the rise of view libraries, advanced patterns for handling front end components have also come to light. Creating small components following the Atomic Design methodology or encapsulating logic using renderless components are just a few of them.

I'm sure these patterns could be somewhat replicated with a regular templating engine.

But with the birth of Inertia, you don't have to decide whether a component should be Blade or Vue. You create all UI elements using the same paradigm and in turn you have a simpler app in the end.